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  • Apple Pie Dog Biscuits Recipe

    When the temperature drops I crave hot, comfy meals to make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Why not give our four legged friends a winter warmer too wi...
  • Master Bowie's Biscuits with Salmon, Mussels and Tripe Boost


    Check out this super yummy biscuit recipe using 'dem Bones Mix and Salmon and Mussels & Tripe Boost. 

  • Get baking for your dog on World Baking Day

    On World Baking Day, May 17, we're encouraging people of all ages, especially the kids, to bake up dog friendly bickies for their loved pooches!

    “Why should only the humans enjoy the yumminess of homemade cakes and biscuits? Dogs love treats just as much as we do and deserve it!” 

  • Baked at Home! Foods Toxic to Dogs That You Should Avoid

    Got dogs? If you love to make home made dog treats for your pup there's some foods toxic to dogs that you should be avoiding. Read on to learn more.
  • Can dogs be vegan?

    Can dogs be vegan? Some of our dog biscuit mixes are vegan and it's left some asking if dogs should follow a vegan diet? The number of people following vegan diets is growing, either for animal cruelty reasons, environmental reasons, or both. Moral dilemmas can arise however when faced with feeding their omnivorous dogs. Read on...

  • How to bake the best dog cake for your puppers birthday!

    Got your puppers barkday coming up? Don't want to pay a fortune for a dog cake, or like the thought of baking your own but not sure what ingredient...
  • How to throw the best Woofing Dog Birthday Party!

    Throwing your best mate a party for their Barkday? Of course! You wouldn’t miss a good dog birthday party for the world! Here’s some quick tips on how to get ready for, and have the best woofing dog birthday party ever!

  • Puppy Scams that are breaking hearts


    “During Scams Awareness Week 2021, we encourage pet lovers to talk about puppy scams and learn how to avoid the heartbreak, loss of money and in some cases, potentially having to surrender their pet to the shelter,” said Trish Ennis, National Executive of CANA.

  • Beaus Grain Free Dog Biscuits Basic Recipe

    The basic recipe for Beau's Biscuits Baking Mixes can be made for every flavoured mix! Simply add 1 cup water (add 1/2 cup water and slowly add sec...
  • Red Velvet Pup Crepes


    These puppy pancakes can really be made with any of our mixes, they're not just for the Red Velvet Mix.

    These are quick to whip up, yummy and healthy for pup and can be stored in the fridge for a few days.

  • Peanut Butter and Banana Grain Free Doggie Biscuits


    This recipe is a real winner when it comes to baking up a batch of Beau's Biscuits! 

    As Beau's Biscuits is completely grain free, working with the flours can feel different. The mix is generally a little more crumbly and has less elasticity given the lack of gluten.

    This means when you kneed the mix together and roll it out, you also massage it together with your hands to then create the yummy biccies for your pooch.

    The basic Beau's Biscuit recipe calls for an egg and water, but you can certainly jazz it up a little by adding a banana and peanut butter! And, why wouldn't you as dogs love both!

  • Is Cinnamon Good For Dogs?


    Many humans love cinnamon and the benefits. Our four legged furry friends have different digestive systems to us and therefore we can't just assume these benefits translate to dogs too. So, is cinnamon good for dogs?