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Why grain free?

Some dogs have been advised to go on a grain free diet, in our case a friend of ours little pug had to go grain free due to skin allergies. We decided treats that are healthy and grain free will tick the box for those who need to follow a grain free diet. 

Beau's Biscuits Baking Mixes are in no way supposed to replace a full, healthy diet. They are simply a yummy treat for your dog.


How is it grain free when flour has grains?

Our base ingredient for each mix is Coconut flour and Tapioca Flour. You can check out the specific ingredients for each mix on their individual product pages.


How many biscuits does a mix make?

This can vary depending on your cutter size. However a mix makes lots of biccies! 

If you were to use the current 6cm bone cutter we have on our site you would be able to make 100+ biccies from our 1kg pack!

That's why we recommend making the biccies in smaller batches.

How can I store my mixes?

Your mixes can be left in the bag they come in and stored in a cool, dry place. The raw mix does not need to be refrigerated. 

Once you have baked your biccies or pup crepes you can store in a number of ways...

Biccies - can be stored in an air tight container and will last in the fridge for 3-5 days. As our mixes cook up large quantities of biccies we recommend any biscuits you don't use in a few days go into the freezer. 

Biccies can also be frozen for up to 3-months!

As our mixes are totally natural, with absolutely no preservatives they will grow mould faster if left out on the bench, especially in the warmer months.

Finally, if you prefer to make up the full mix in one hit, you can separate the dough into portions before baking your biccies and freeze, stored correctly, for up to 3-months.

Pup Crepes - should be stored in the fridge straight away and can be kept for up to 4-5 days.


How long does the mix last?

Our mixes have use by dates on them and are use by within 12-months from packing.  


Are the ingredients in your mixes safe for dogs?

Yes! We have carefully selected all ingredients and had them all approved by a super helpful Animal Naturopath


Can my puppy have your treat mixes?

Yes they can. We always say to introduce new foods to your pup gradually and remember they are a treat only, not meant to replace a healthy diet.


Are your mixes a complete meal?

No! Our mixes are intended as a treat only! We recommend giving your pup 1-2 treats a day. Always remember to have fresh drinking water available for your pup.


How long will it take to get my mix?

We post out all orders within 1-2 business days, generally sooner! We will always send you a Tracking Number when your mixes are sent. There may be times where our delivery times are extended due to circumstances out of our control.


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