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Thanks for visiting Beau's Biscuits and taking a sniff around.

Just like you, we’re woofing mad about our fur babies and how they fit into our families and our lives in a healthy, happy way!

We initially stumbled across grain free baking for our fur babies when one of our closest friends told us her puppy had to go grain free due to skin allergies.

Now, luckily this friend had been in the human food industry for over a decade cooking grain free, healthy, whole foods. So she found it easy to make the transition to grain free for her pooch.

But it did leave us thinking… what if your pup needs to go grain free and you don’t want to pay a fortune for healthy treats, or what if you love to bake for your pup but are not sure what’s good for them or not good for them, or you simply want to bake for your fur baby and want it as simple as possible!!

Well, we’ve sorted it all out for you!

Beau’s Biscuits have been tested around the clock, baked to make tonnes of sample doggie treats and our superfood ingredients have been taste tested on our loved pooch's for months and now we are delighted to be creating and bringing to you Beau's Grain Free Dog Treat Baking Mixes

Mix and Bake to create Doggie Biscuits and Barkday cakes that your pupstar will love!. 

Now you can dish up a yummy home made healthy treat that your pup will love you for! Plus, our 1kg packs make over 100 mini treats! Just don’t feed them to your pooch all at once!

Made after our beloved Beau ❤️ a beautiful staffy cross who we lost earlier in 2021. He was part of our family for 11-years, he grew up with our babes who are now tweens & teens.

We miss him terribly!

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When you buy from us your also becoming part of the solution with $1 from every purchase going to pawsome charities. As a social enterprise we hope to make a huge difference!

So far we have donated to:

Got a charity you would like us to work with? Please contact us and let us know all about it.

Please come with us on our journey as we create more baking mixes for our four legged friends and make an impact with our charity efforts! Give us a thumbs up on our socials, sign up to our woofletter below or buy a yummy baking mix for your fur baby!


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