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dem Bones Dog Treats | Grain Free Dog Baking Mixes
'dem Bones Grain Free Baking Mix
'dem Bones Grain Free Baking Mix
'dem Bones Grain Free Baking Mix
'dem Bones Grain Free Baking Mix
'dem Bones Grain Free Baking Mix
'dem Bones Grain Free Baking Mix
'dem Bones Grain Free Baking Mix

'dem Bones Grain Free Baking Mix

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Ready to spoil your dog with ‘dem Bones?

Regular treats can be highly processed, full of fillers and expensive!

Now you can quickly and easily whip up homemade, healthy, unprocessed treats for your dog with the 'dem Bones Grain Free Biscuit Baking Mix. Developed to your dogs palate with yummy Turmeric and Ceylon Cinnamon goodness. 

Just imagine how much your fur baby will love you!

  • Just add water & eggs for super simple, tasty biscuits!
  • Add extras! Why not throw in a banana and peanut butter for the ultimate yummy, super food treat.
  • Animal Naturopath approved!
  • Each 1kg pack makes 100+ Mini Bone Cut Biccies for your pooch! That's under $0.25 per healthy, grain free, all natural biscuit!

Every Mix Counts.

$1 from every sale to doggy loving charities.
Because all dogs deserve a fair go.


• Tapioca Flour
• Coconut Flour
• Baking Powder
• Ceylon Cinnamon
• Turmeric

In small amounts Turmeric and Ceylon Cinnamon are great spices for your pooch!

Need a cookie cutter too? You can buy them here - bone, paw, house

Follow along with our basic recipe which can be used for all of our mixes! 


Basic Recipe:

250g Beau's Biscuit Mix
1 x Egg
1 Cup Water (add 3/4 cup water initially as you may find this enough. Slowly add extra if needed). 

Shake mix before using for best results as settling may occur.

Mix the egg and 3/4 cup water through the 250g biscuit mix. Mix together with a spoon and you will see the dough start to come together.

I find 3/4 cup water is enough, however you can slowly add a little extra water to the mix until you reach a dough like consistency that you are happy with. 

Sprinkle a clean surface with a little Beau’s Biscuits flour (or another grain free flour), pop the dough on the surface and knead together (like you do a pizza dough). If you use a full cup water in the mixture you may need extra flour to sprinkle as your dough will be wetter.

Roll out to about 1cm thickness and then cut in your desired cookie cutter shape – bones, circles, donuts.

Place on tray with baking paper and pop in 160 degree Celsius fan forced oven. Bake for 30-35 minutes.

Baking Notes & Tips:

Baking time may vary depending on the heat of your oven and the size of your biscuits.

The first time you bake, keep an eye on your biscuits while they’re cooking!

Working with gluten free flours is different as it's the gluten that gives the dough its elasticity. This means you will find the mix slightly crumbly. When we roll out the dough we work it with our hands to keep it nicely together. It's best to use your bone or cookie cutter to scoop up the cut out pieces and pop on your baking tray.

The final baked biscuits with the basic recipe are crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy in the centre.

If you're after a recipe that's full of crunch, and filled with even more goodness, check out our banana and peanut butter biscuits recipe HERE. Always use peanut butter with no sweeteners (Xylitol) as they are toxic to dogs. 

See Storage Notes on our FAQs.

While we do not advocate a full vegan diet for dogs, our 'dem Bones Dog Biscuit Baking Mixes are Vegan.