Is Cinnamon Good For Dogs?

Can my dog have Cinnamon? It's a question we have asked ourselves many times, and asked our vet.

Many humans love cinnamon. We love the flavour it gives to our shakes, our apple crumble, our warm oats on a cold winters morning. 

We know there's many great benefits of cinnamon for us adults - it's anti inflammatory, high in antioxidants, can relieve digestive discomfort, can help lower insulin resistance, amongst many other benefits.

However our four legged furry friends have different digestive systems to us and therefore we can't just assume these benefits translate to dogs too.

So, is cinnamon good for dogs?

The answer is, yes. Cinnamon is non toxic to dogs. In fact, in the correct smaller amounts it may also offer similar health benefits according to a growing number of health practitioners.

The correct small amounts of cinnamon can help dogs fight diabetes by regulating their blood pressure and raising their insulin resistance. It can help your pup with inflammation, having special anti-inflammatory properties that can help slow or stop the bacteria growth that causes inflammation.

In a study published in the Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, researchers found that dogs who eat cinnamon also had improved heart health.

We've added small amount of cinnamon to some of our baking mixes. Check out 'dem Bones which has both Ceylon Cinnamon and Turmeric. These small amounts are safe for dogs and may offer health benefits. It certainly adds flavour though! yum! 

If you're doing extra baking for your pup please be careful not to add too much cinnamon and certainly no nutmeg! You should also always use Ceylon Cinnamon, not Cassia (which is toxic to dogs). Cassia has much higher levels of coumarin than Ceylon Cinnamon. Coumarin is toxic in large doses for both dogs and humans.

Some words of warning:

Cinnamon is quite often used with nutmeg. Nutmeg is NOT good for dogs. If you're adding spices to your pooch's baking, please keep this in mind.

Don't give your pup cinnamon sticks to chew on. They can irritate your pups mouth and cause tummy upset.

Just like with us humans, dogs can breathe in cinnamon powder and cough and splutter everywhere so be careful how you serve to your pup.

Is Cinnamon good for dogs?

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    • Hi, my pooch has a medical condition demanding a low fat diet and requires me to regulate his calorie intake. Do you have any nutritional information for any of your products that might help me evaluate whether these treats will be ok to give him?

      Danielle Watson

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